About us

Pondus Instruments was founded 1993 as a management buyout from a big Swedish Automation Company Satt Control (today a part of ABB). Pondus started as a subcontracting company without own products, we introduced our first own transmitter development in 1997. Have since then introduced new developments, special designs and upgraded products every year. Today Pondus offer a wide range of pressure transmitters in different level of design and solutions. 

Pondus core focus has always been development, manufacture, and sale of pressure measurement devices and solutions. We are specialist in pressure measurement and our passion concerns all about pressure measurement.   

This is realized by… 

-Focus on core competence,   

-Flexible development tailor pressure transmitter to customer needs 

-New advanced electronic platform released 

-ISO9001 2015 certified production 

-ATEX & IEC Ex approvals 

-Well managed sub supplier network 

-Strong team of specialized people for production, support and development.